Seller Strategies

Product Selection & Brand Building ALL-02

Amazon product and niche selection are can make or break your FBA business. It’s important to do the due diligence, research and product sourcing to find the perfect (or more likely good enough) product and brand to go forward with. Today we’ll look at some criteria for evaluating product ideas and ensuring private label profitability – don’t waste time and money on a loser. We all make mistakes, minimize them and max out results by planning ahead.

Product Selection Time

  • What to do if you don’t have a product to sell
  • Ways to track Amazon sales and why it matters
  • How to decide what product price point to target
  • Why Amazon ads need money to work
  • What to do when competing with big brands
  • How to take advantage bundling and Amazon automatic upsells
  • Why supplements and beauty products are so competitive
  • What Walmart knows about Amazon sales
  • What China is doing to change the world of manufacturing

Product Selection Criteria

  1. Sales Volume – Best Seller Ranks <1000
  2. Price Range: $15-60
  3. Margins >33%
  4. Dimensions: Weight < 1 lb, Length < 18″
  5. Can it be private labeled?
  6. Does product lead itself to related products or multi-product orders?
  7. Can you build a brand around it? At least 4 products in the line.
  8. Are there enthusiasts? Is it fun?
  9. Low competition – Not too many reviews

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