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            - Craig Brockie - Hollywood SEO
The Amazon Copywriting Bible
  • Increase Conversions: turn more visitors into paying customers
  • Increase Rankings: more sales means better rankings, more visitors and even more sales and profit!

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In this proven formula you will discover:

The Ultimate Listing Formula

Increase conversions and sales with simple copywriting methods for your ENTIRE LISTING

The Best Bullet Point Strategy

Grab customers attention and get more conversions with better bullet points.

Practical, Step-by-Step SEO

Maximize your keyword ranks with proven systems to boost your organic traffic and sales.

Epic Enhanced Brand Content

Sell your brand, scale your business. Here's how to the best brands sell more.

I’ve been selling on Amazon for a while now however some of the tips that Matt laid out in the book definitely helped me improve my conversion and listing. There’s a few un-orthodox tricks that I haven’t thought about before and I was glad Matt pointed them out. My sales have increased about 10% (in the first week) and I attribute this to Matt’s copywriting tips. Thanks very much for this book Matt!.

Manuel Bevcar Import Dojo

You are leaving money on the table

Nothing hurts sellers more than buyer inaction. Your goal is a 100% conversion rate. Odds are you are nowhere close. You are leaving money on the table. You are sacrificing your rankings. Let me explain.

Amazon wants sales. They reward sellers that convert. Every visitor that does not buy your product hurts your rankings. They make Amazon less likely to showcase your product in searches because you are not making Amazon money. It is a numbers game. The more you sell, the more Amazon makes. That is not all though.

Strong Copy Saves You Money

You are throwing money down the drain. Spending on ads without converting customers costs your business. You could be more efficient. How much is your conversion rate costing you?

But what if your ACOS is okay? You are in the clear right? Wrong. Consider this – increasing your conversion rate increases your sales without increasing ad spend. So, you can bid more, sell more and rank higher, all without spending a cent more on advertising.

Anyone who sells on Amazon quickly learns the importance of their Product Listing. It can spell the difference between success and failure. Sadly, many people suck at copywriting - despite their best intentions. This book has GREAT info to help you improve your Product Listing - and get more sales consistently - and what Amazon seller wouldn't want to do that?! Just a few extra sales will more than pay for this book. Get this book!

John Galley Amazon Seller

It Is Not All About Conversions Though

We cover a lot more too. From advanced SEO tactics and keyword research for more traffic to off-Amazon copy and advertising strategies, there is ton of value. Most applies to ecommerce growth, email marketing and more too. And it makes customers more loyal to your brand. But wait a sec, what if you are not a writer?

You Don’t Need to Be Good at Writing

English class was my weakness. I was not a good writer. Sales copy is not hard though. It is a formula for manipulating desires. It is a formula ANYONE can do. We go step-by-step through this easy to follow, easy to replicate sales formula. And it works.

Joel GaliAmazon Seller

I wanted to be able to spend more time with my daughter. So I started writing sales pages for clients online. But when it came to doing it for Amazon it’s slightly different. Matts book has helped me get a FIRM GRIP on it (especially the fact that I never use SEO in my ads ever). If you are serious about making money on Amazon this book is a must ( it’s actually more important than the product you chose to private label)

Get Started Selling Better

Stop wasting time, start increasing conversions.

ONLY $67. Money back guarantee. Why not?

Here Is How It Works

It is a step-by-step process. We find the important keywords, we research customer wants and then we write. First, a tested headline formula designed to sell well and rank better. Then bullet point strategies and writing styles proven to convert. We make a sales letter for your product and optimize the description. We cover all the bases on increasing conversion rates. Each chapter boosts your conversion rates. Each helps you rank higher. Everything is important and together it takes average and above average Amazon listings to the next level. Plus it is streamlined to save you time, and therefore money.

Why Write a Copywriting Book Perfect for Amazon?

I write copy. I sell on Amazon. Clients and sellers wanted a short, straightforward strategy to increase conversions, sales and rankings. This book shows you how. It is my proven, easy to follow process on writing effective sales copy.

Yeah, this page is basic. I’d rather focus on a writing kickass copywriting book. My goal is a minimum of 2-4% jump your conversions. Translate that to dollars.

Besides, if you cannot see the value of increasing conversions, increasing sales, earning more, scaling faster, ranking higher and decrease ACOS costs, this book is not for you.

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The Amazon Copywriting Bible

Get the entire proven, easy to follow Amazon Copywriting Bible for just $67 and for a limited time, get the 7 step Amazon growth guide FREE. That is seven intensive, Amazon growth audiobooks just for ordering TODAY. You should easily make your money back in a month, probably much less. That means just at only $5000 in revenue, a 2% boost in conversions makes your money back in a month. For most it is much faster.

PLUS includes FREE audiobook version for busy sellers.

Most Amazon listings suck. Improve your conversions and profit. It is that simple. Don’t delay.

Results Guaranteed

I have worked with clients on improving conversions. I have great results with my own listings too. I am 100% confident in my method. I am so confident in fact that you too will boost your conversion rates just by following the steps in this book, that I am willing to offer a 100% money back guarantee. Somehow I don’t think there will be many, if any refunds. The book is good.

What About Proof?

I know it, you want to see stats. Stats do not tell the whole story though. I will share them anyways. This was a few months ago. Nothing spectacular. In my competitive and offseason niche though, this is great. I have had days over 30%. Products over 40%. None of that matters though. It is about testing and improvement. It is not where you start, it is where you finish. This book maximizes your profits. Here is where I started:

Amazon Conversion Rates

                    Converting Only 9.32% of Customers

10.1175% Increase in Conversions (AND PROFIT)

That sounds good to me. Sure some variables changed. Still, I am happy with that. And happy to help you achieve similar results as well.

Improving Amazon Conversion Rates

                    More than DOUBLING Profit with 19.44% Conversions!

BONUS - Audiobook Version FREE Download

Yup! The entire Amazon Copywriting Bible is now available as an audiobook. Listen at the gym, on a run, etc...learn the system to Amazon selling success while saving time. Then just revisit the ebook for more in-depth coverage of copywriting strategies and tactics to make your Amazon business boom.

That is the fastest, easiest way for anyone, even if you are not a great writer to learn and perfect the psychology of Amazon sales. Enjoy!

Omar Abu Amazon Seller

I was able to optimize my landing page, target converting keywords, and push my brand in the optimal direction to compete at a high level. A few of the conversion tips alone made it well worth it.