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How Nemo Built A 7-Figure Amazon Business In 1 Year ALL-195

Nemo Chu, our new host, gets interviewed by another podcast on how he built his 7-figure Amazon business in 1 year. He reveals the most details he’s ever revealed on how he did it, including how he got started, how he found products, and how he sold a lot of units across a wide variety of categories.

Todays Insights!

  • How did Nemo get his start in e-Commerce
  • Why do some people sell things super low on Amazon
  • How¬†can you beat your competition
  • What is Nemo’s acceptable profit margin
  • What is the “secret sauce” to Nemo’s method
  • Why does Nemo like health supplements
  • What are the benefits of using social media
  • What are some of the programs Nemo uses to make his decisions
  • What books does Nemo recommend to grow businesses fast

Useful Links

Nemo Chu’s Official Website