Amazon Science

Running A 4-Hour Workweek Business – ALL-56

Amazon is the ultimate semi-passive business right? If that’s the case, how do you do it? Today, we tackle struggles for building and growing a successful passive-income business, why the workaholic mindset is awesome (and awful), and why we aren’t always as productive as it seems.

It’s Amazon Time

  • How to create independence with Amazon
  • Why getting started selling is a grind
  • How to set yourself apart on a daily basis
  • Why goals drive me and the inefficiency behind it
  • The employee syndrome all entrepreneurs MUST avoid
  • The reason I’m fighting for a happy medium – somehow
  • When to stop working as hard
  • What to do when you have nothing to do
  • What next?
  • How to improve your mindset for success and happiness
  • The power of self improvement
  • Why I don’t like business books
  • The reason I read copywriting books
  • Why selling is the MOST important skill
  • How to improve your skills and success
  • Using win-win to not lose
  • Why everyone needs a structure and a hobby too
  • The reason excuses are still bullshit

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