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Well, if you found our little site, odds are you’re into Amazon. Whether you’re just starting private labeling or running a booming FBA business, FBA ALLSTARS is the place for you.

See, I started the site…

Wait, Who Am I?

Hi guys, my name’s Matt Ward and I am physical products entrepreneur and FBA seller on a mission, a million dollar in a year exit mission. And that’s why I’ve started FBA ALLSTARS, to put myself out there, catalog my journey, meet and learn from top level Amazon businesses and to help more founders find success with private labeling.

How’d I Get Here?

Before FBA I was big into crowdfunding. I built and managed Art of the Kickstart, a podcast and blog on all things crowdfunding and helped startups successfully launch (at heart I love entrepreneurship and empowering business owners).

But as online entrepreneur, I heard plenty about FBA. And most of it sounded TOO good to be true – creating your own products, building scalable, saleable brands, Amazon fulfilling everything…Let’s just say it sounded interesting.

Well fast forward to a 6 week product development stint in China. It was too tempting to pass up…so I jumped. Suddenly samples were arriving daily, I was tearing through Amazing Seller podcast episodes (btw, check out Scott’s podcast) and I was up to ears in Amazon FBA.

Fast Forward to Today

As of writing this, I have one private label product up and running and off to the races and products two and three arriving in under a week. I’m scaling, growing aggressively and aiming big with my FBA brand. Things are progressing faster than I could have hoped and product four (playing with the big boys) is just now getting underway.

Why I’m Being So Public With My Goals?

As Amazon entrepreneurs, business can be easy. Once a private label product is up and running, the maintenance and effort are almost entirely outsourced. And that is GREAT. It makes Amazon arguably the most passive, scalable business model in history.


Easy and passive breed complacency. I and believe pushing yourself is the ONLY way to grow. So guess what, I’m pushing. I’m pushing hard to make my goals happen and pushing you to be honest and upfront about YOURS.

“Set your goals high, and don’t stop till you get there.” – Bo Jackson

Why Start a Podcast?

Podcasts have changed my life.

I was an engineer stuck with the prospect of a shit corporate job I hated for the next 40 years, podcasts opened my eyes. I owe them my freedom, I owe them EVERYTHING.

From TropicalMBA and Miexergy in the early days learning and understanding entrepreneurship to more recently The Amazing Seller and Freedom Fastlane (both of which aided me Amazon).

And to be honest the Amazon space is a little lacking, at least it was for me. Scott Voelker has an incredible show but outside of that, Amazon sellers we’re stuck – compromise on poor quality or pay like $6000 to make their business a MACHINE 🙂

I wanted more information, I wanted more strategies, I wanted to meet the elite Amazon entrepreneurs – every advantage possible to help myself and other FBA sellers succeed. This is FBA ALLSTARS, a commitment to success and CRUSHING your goals on Amazon and beyond.

I hope you’ll join me on my little adventure and destroy goals in the process!


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Enough About Me, What About Attacking FBA?

So let’s say your new FBA and looking to launch an Amazon empire…what do you do? Well first I’d join the newsletter to get the guides, tutorials and hacks all lined up to launch your private label product.

But, it’s all about taking action. And if you NEED action now, here’s your podcast mini-guide of Amazon assault to start preparing to powerup an Amazon business.

Accelerate Your Amazon Success

Yes, coaching. Let’s build that business bigger. The smallest changes make the exponential differences in your business. Whether is proven launch and ranking strategies, copywriting that converts, automation and systems to scale or product research and implementation to win, Amazon’s something where experience sells. I’d love to learn about and help grow your Amazon business.

If you’re just getting started, have an internationally awesome brand or are successful private labeling and want to expand, we should chat. I reopened the FBA ALLSTARS GlobalAMZ agency to help brands and sellers grow and scale on Amazon, internationally and at home. We bust our ass to build your business bigger. Interested? Learn more.

Our FBA Mastermind

facebookgroupCommunity is critical to success. Surrounding yourself with likeminded, successful FBA sellers is the fastest, most effective way to grow as an entrepreneur and as a person. So, be sure to join the FBA ALLSTARS Facebook mastermind group to get around other winners and Amazon sellers for a wealth of knowledge beyond the podcast. We all have similar problems and challenges, learning from one-another is the fastest, easiest way to success for all so check it out!

Ps. Already successful and looking to expand to new markets. My Amazon agency helps top caliber brands go big in ALL Amazon markets. Find out more and apply to work with us, you will be glad you did.

PPS. Want to grow your amazon business bigger? Check out the tools I use in my business to build it bigger, faster and more automated and get accelerate your growth.